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CommandBox is a powerful command-line tool used for developing, managing, and deploying web applications. It provides a wide range of functionalities and simplifies the development workflow by automating various tasks.
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Install Contentbox with the help of Commandbox

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What will you do

  1. Installing Contentbox using command box.
  2. Setting up database.


  1. Operating System: Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  2. Java Development Kit (JDK): Make sure you have the latest version installed.
  3. CommandBox: Install CommandBox by following the instructions on their website.

Step 1: Install CommandBox using URL :

Go to the CommandBox website using link: https://www.ortussolutions.com/products/commandbox

 Follow the installation instructions for your operating system.


Step 2: Create a new ContentBox site:

    • Open your terminal/command
    • Navigate to the directory where you want to create your ContentBox
    • Write command
Command 1cd Directory path/site folder

Step 3: Setup Database

    • Download xampp server and install using following

URL ( https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html )

    • Open xampp control panel terminal and click start button [ Apache, MySQL ].

  • Open phpMyAdmin use following URL : localhost/phpMyAdmin

  • Create new database For example : “ contentboxdb “

  • Click user tab to create mysql user account and password

img6 1
  • Click add a new user account button to create new user account For Example :

username – cbuser password – 12345

and grant Global privileges to cbuser

Step 4: Run the following command to install contentbox with help commandbox

  • box

  • contentbox install-wizard

img9 1

Contentbox install-wizard :

    • What is the name of the site you want to create? Mysite

    • What CFML engine will the site run on?

[X] Lucee 5

[ ] Adobe 2016

[ ] Adobe 2018

[ ] Adobe 2021

    • Use <spacebar> to toggle selections, <enter> to submit.

    • Enter the password for the CFML Engine administrator (Leave empty to use ‘contentbox’, only if deployed on CommandBox)?

    • Use <spacebar> to toggle selections, <enter> to submit.

    • Enter the password for the CFML Engine administrator (Leave empty to use ‘contentbox’, only if deployed on CommandBox)?

    • Enter the password for the ColdBox HMVC Reinits (Leave empty to use ‘contentbox’)?

    • What Database will you be using?

[ ] HypersonicSQL [ ] MySQL 5.7

[X] MySQL 8+

[ ] Microsoft SQL Server

[ ] PostgreSQL

[ ] Oracle

Use <spacebar> to toggle selections, <enter> to submit.

    • Enter the database host (Leave empty to use ‘localhost’) ?

    • Enter the database port (Leave empty to use the default for MySQL8)  ? 3306

    • Enter the database username to use for the connection? Cbuser

    • Enter the database password to use for the connection? 12345

    • Enter the database name to use for the connection (Leave empty to use ‘contentbox’) ? contentboxdb

    • Do you want us to deploy and start a CFML Engine (lucee@5) on CommandBox for you?

[X] Yes

[ ] False

Use <spacebar> to toggle selections, <enter> to submit.

    • Is this a development or production site?

    • [X] Development [ ] Productio

    • Use <spacebar> to toggle selections, <enter> to submit.

    • Enter the ContentBox version to use or leave empty to use the latest stable version (be = snapshot)?


Step 1: Open browser use Following URL : to run contentbox project, to setup installer


After completing installation process to log in “ cbadmin “ using created username and password


To visit your site using



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