“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without loosing something.”     

– Richard Stallman

Ionic Features

Enhanced development

According to the statistics, 4+ million developers are using the Ionic framework and about 2+ million applications are built on an equivalent . Ionic makes the tasks of making splash icons and screens comparatively easier than others.

App Integration

Ionic boasts high-end application integration that enable the sharing of information and processes among different apps of a business. This further help businesses to coordinate their processes and associate its features with cloud applications.

Improved Speed

The ionic framework ensures high speed and compatibility to all or any or any the most recent devices. you’ll design apps that are highly optimized and robust.

Great Ionic and Angular Combination

The combination of angular and Ionic present a great platform to develop mobile applications. Angular forms the base for the Ionic framework. Ionic also have jquery’s support


Ionic offers a lot of plugins to make more interactive mobile applications. And by the help of plugins we can access the operating  system’s native functionalities.

Interactive User-Interface

Ionic offers many predefined  UI components which can be used  to increase the interactivity. 

UX/UI Design

Good UX/UI design is the core component of every mobile app. Ionic offers smooth animations with alluring designs and themes. Ionic framework is considered as Frontend framework (UI interaction) that contains components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and beautiful designs. This enables the development of an interactive and user-friendly application.

Powerful CLI(Command-Line-Interface)

Ionic has a rich command line interface. User uses the command prompt to interact with the application through the help of various commands. It will enable you to build applications with the help of a single command with a variety of plugins

Support of Material Design

Ionic supports material designing which makes our app more attractive and clean UI experiance.

Huge and Supportive Community

In the process of development of the application, the most challenging part is to understand the capabilities of the framework to use it completely, for this developer needs to communicate with other experts and in this region Ionic is just great because  Ionic has a very huge and supportive community.